The Studio 2.0

The Studio 2.0

The Studio was founded on the idea that we could create consistent and best-in-class materials that support National Delivery and all our markets. In 2013 we expanded our capabilities in the areas of design, digital, social and editorial. We completed over 750 projects ranging from critical proposals and sales collateral to event support and videos. We added lots of wow and pop to otherwise traditional presentations. We looked at ways to create the unexpected with creative ingenuity. The Studio is proud to support the people who live our brand every day.

The Studio’s goal has always been to enable connections between our clients, people, and communities. In 2014 we are even more focused on creating compelling content that brings the Slalom story to life. Our editorial team of writers, editors, and social media experts gives us the ability to make those connections in a more relevant, timely and personal way.  

How we publish is changing too. You’ll see more emphasis on social media channels and innovative use of the web, video, audio and traditional media. With our growing numbers and new offices, we recognize the need to create systems that allow our consultants and leaders to share their insights across multiple channels, with minimal bottlenecks.

Our improved operating model will contain three integrated teams around Operations and Systems (led by Steve Donnelly), Creative and Design (led by Mack) and Editorial (led by Chris Sallquist). Stay tuned for stories that celebrate our brand. We encourage you to reach out to us and help us shape the next wave. Our doors are open.