Diversity Initiatives

There are many reasons we want a diverse team at Slalom; chief among them is the belief that we make better decisions as a company when garnering input from people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. While there are several areas in which we need to impact the diversity of our business (e.g. gender, race, orientation, experiential, etc.), we chose to focus on one in 2013—gender diversity—to allow us to hone our processes and thinking before broadening out to the others. 

Within the context of gender diversity at Slalom we focused our team on several areas with the goal of developing an understanding of how we can recruit and retain more women.

Recruiting: The team developed an overall scorecard for Slalom as a company and also one for each market. Updated and produced monthly, it gives GMs the information needed to understand their markets’ recruiting efforts, ultimately paving the way for healthy discussions around recruiting successes and difficulties.

Leadership: It’s important that the efforts we undertake stay true to our Slalom culture, and for that to happen, we need to understand our attitudes and perspectives. To do this, we are currently working with an outside consultant to develop a holistic view of Slalom and our perspectives on women leaders. We will use this as input to ensure what we put in place is developed and implemented consistently with our culture and core values.

Slalom Women Connect: Women in each market had the opportunity to engage with this formal group to build and strengthen relationships with each other. The markets held a broad range of events for women leaders, many that involved clients and community leaders in meaningful and engaging ways.

We have already started to broaden our efforts to include other areas of diversity, led by the LGBT community. Soon you will hear more about our efforts as we build our approach to Diversity and Inclusion and continue to make Slalom the best place to work for all.