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Slalom is known for our tight-knit culture.  The relationships we have with each other, our clients, and our communities are driven by our core values that are truly representative of who we are.  In 2014, our employees worked together to create a mobile collaboration solution that will be rolled out in 2015.  We made strong investments in Corporate Citizenship and Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.  We additionally continued to expand our Equity Incentive Programs.   

Corporate Citizenship

Slalom is deeply committed to strengthening the communities we serve.  We support the passions of our employees and rally the company to get involved whenever possible.  Over the past year, many of us got ice-bucketed with our General Managers.  A lot of employees walked, ran, rode bikes, or grew moustaches to raise money for numerous causes.  Across each of our offices, Slalom people and teams found innovative and fun ways to get involved and make a difference.

In 2014, we continued to expand our Philanthropy Fellows program which places consultants on a 3-month assignment to provide pro-bono services to a local non-profit for their strategic initiatives.  Last year we partnered with organizations doing incredible work, including United Way of King County, Washington STEM, StolenYouth, Larkin Street Youth Services, and the Technology Access Foundation.

In addition, many of our local practice teams took on their own pro-bono efforts to benefit the important work each is doing in the local community.  2014 engagements included the Ben Towne Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of King County, Friends of the Children, Imerman Angels, NoStigmas, Pike Place Market Foundation, and YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

Slalom has unparalleled breadth and depth of impact for a company our size, and we look forward to expanding our efforts as the company continues to grow.  The investment we make in our communities matters, and others are taking note.  We’re proud to have won Consulting Magazine's inaugural award for "Excellence in Social & Community Investment."

Diversity & Inclusion 2.0

A diverse culture of true inclusion is a critical success factor in the future growth of our firm.  At Slalom, we're continually striving for a team balanced in representation and style, where all people can be their best.  

In this vein we advanced our efforts in 2014 by placing added emphasis on inclusion, which leverages the value of diversity by creating and perpetuating an environment of rich dialogue, unique perspectives, and participatory decision making.  Simply put: we need to embrace different thinking, opinions and people more proactively. When we do, we believe the strength, cohesion and success of our team can only increase - which translates into better delivery and solutions for our clients.  

Inclusion & Diversity 2.0 represents a critical cultural and organizational competency that will allow Slalom to compete at the highest level and deliver top value to our clients.  We are organized into five key work streams:  Affinity Groups, Talent Management, Human Resources, Recruiting, and Local Markets.  In addition, a full-time Program Management resource is dedicated to the effort in order to help us stay focused on moving the needle and driving key initiatives.  
We’re already making progress.  In 2014, Slalom was one of only 18 consulting firms to receive a 100% score on the 2015 Corporate Equality Index rating American workplaces on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality.  Our female affinity group, The Women's Leadership Network (WLN), has been reshaped to gain more traction and consistency across all Slalom markets with a mission to engage, inspire, and encourage every Slalom woman to achieve her full and unique potential.  We've also made improvements to our benefits, including Maternity Benefit improvements, a Slalom New Mother Re-Entry program, and the creation of a formal program whereby existing parents can serve as mentors to new parents.  

While proud of the progress we've made since we launched our Inclusion and Diversity initiatives at Slalom, we are nowhere near to declaring victory.  We are eager to continue to learn as we improve, and remain optimistic about cultivating an environment where, with Slalom, you can truly love your future.


Equity Incentive Programs

Successful companies thrive on the passion and creativity of their employees, and truly great and sustainable companies are built when employees have the opportunity to see their contributions through the entrepreneurial experience. At Slalom, we strongly believe in broadening ownership to the men and women who are inventing, building, and running the Company. Our equity incentive program delivers a truly innovative and unique opportunity for individuals to purchase equity in our Company. We believe this sets us apart from comparable companies.

One of our goals with our equity incentive program is to attract, retain and reward talented individuals at all levels of the company and across all of our markets who are looking for a dynamic organization in which to invest their career, and in so doing create an engaging, multi-generational culture within Slalom. We have made significant progress in broadening ownership throughout the Company, and are excited to continue offering this opportunity in the years to come.