Talent Management

Talent Management

Each day at Slalom, we help our clients, communities, and each other be amazing. Great people who are constantly growing are the key to delivering “amazing,” and in 2013 we made significant investments in growing our people.

The driving purpose of Slalom Talent is to enable our consultants to thrive professionally and provide ever greater value and service to our clients.

Highlights in 2013:
We rolled out a new Performance process this year to give employees year-round recognition and feedback. Giving each other recognition is a great way to celebrate what we’re doing well. Feedback from many sources gives us a more well-rounded view of our performance, helping us get even better at what we do. Also new in 2013 was a Mentoring program that will help our people find wisdom and guidance from others.

Slalom Edge was launched to help us efficiently view, manage, and develop our talent. Edge facilitates our performance cycles, including feedback, goal setting, and recognition. Employees can also use Edge to find learning opportunities, request approval, and register online. People all over Slalom took advantage of the Professional Development benefit in 2013, which is flexible to allow everyone to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

We rolled out several new classes this year, including DISC workshops to increase our communication effectiveness with coworkers and clients. More than 1,300 Slalomites have taken the DISC assessment, and over 50 facilitators at Slalom are now certified to deliver this workshop with internal teams and clients.

As our business grows, so does our need for strong leaders. We established two new leader roles to support the work we do with clients and add delivery-focused career paths for consultants: Solution Principal and Principal Consultant.  We’ve also continued to expand our Integral Leadership Program (ILP) to intentionally grow our senior leaders. In 2014 we’ll be rolling much of this leadership content to employees across Slalom.

We’re excited to help make Slalom an even more amazing place to work in 2014.  We’ll be focused on career development for consultants, leadership development for managers, apprenticeships to leader roles, and continued improvement in the performance process.