2014 review

2014 Year in Review

By many accounts, 2014 was the most successful year in Slalom’s history.  We achieved over 40% growth to the bottom line, had record revenue in many of our established markets, opened three new markets in the United States, and launched our first international office in London.  It was a very good year.  

More importantly, I continue to be impressed by the men and women at Slalom who represent us so well.  Our people step forward to create better outcomes for each other, our clients and our communities on a daily basis.  This is ultimately our purpose.  

Our core values ground us in who we are, and are an active part of everything we do.  Last year, we asked our employees to help us realize our strategy by making an intentional and personal investment in the core values that drive it.   What transpired from there was inward and
outward reflection of how we can all become better, and make those around us better.

— John Tobin, Co-Founder and President of North America

— John Tobin, Co-Founder and President of North America


The incredible year we had in 2014 started with the rollout of our 2015 Strategy.  This short two-year plan is intended to position us for a bigger leap towards 2020.  Each of the six pillars in our strategy are framed by a long-term vision statement: our guideposts for what we want to achieve together.  Throughout 2014, I believe we embraced the long-term potential of these visions and truly considered the possibilities each presents.  

This year we’ll begin to build our 2020 Strategic Plan, bringing us closer to realizing the ambitious visions we’ve set.  We’re on our way to achieving amazing things together.  

It is truly a great time to be at Slalom.  I am so grateful for the journey we are on, and all that has taken place.  I am even more excited about the future.