Slalom Consulting Annual Report 2013

2013 was an invigorating year of growth, delivery excellence and strategic exploration. As I reflect upon the impact we had at some of the world’s greatest companies, the public-facing digital experiences we created, the obstacles we overcame time and time again on behalf of our clients, it is really inspiring.

We can feel proud of winning another set of national and local Best Place to Work awards. This incredibly positive sentiment is also shared through our annual employee surveys and in everyday interactions I have with our people who are thrilled to be at Slalom. We have given back to the areas and communities where we each live. We are active in making our presence known and are proud to leave a positive footprint in all the places where Slalom offices exist.

This past year was also one of self-realization and commitment to defining our true self. We took the time to look at why we really exist—what really drives us at Slalom—what kind of legacy we want to create. Through a series of cross-market exploratory sessions we came up with
OUR PURPOSE: to help our employees, clients, and communities be amazing. I believe we live this each and every day.

John Tobin

John Tobin


In partnership with defining our purpose, we refreshed the original Core Values that I penned back in April of 2001, while staying true to the spirit of them. We have grown and matured beyond any expectations I had 13 years ago. These are our guideposts. We can feel secure that no matter how big we may get and where we may go, these will always resonate with our people. 

In 2013 we invited all our employees to participate in our Strategy Evolution. This kind of transparency—especially for a company of our size—is rare at best. As a result, our updated 2015 Strategy is a true reflection of our people. It is deliberate and actionable, and sets the stage for an expanded 2020 Strategic Plan. 

I’m proud to work for this company. Thank you for all you do for Slalom every day.