2014 Expansion Plans

2014 Expansion Plans

2014 could go down as one of the most impactful years in new market development in our history. With the tremendous momentum of the firm and opportunities in front of us, we are looking at one of our biggest investment years ever.



We are planning to open the Houston office on April 1 and are in full speed driving our new market recruiting efforts there. Houston could become one of our biggest offices in the United States if we have the same success there as we have in other markets.



The Phoenix market opened in the second half of 2013, and already has a couple of clients and eight consultants on board. We are officially “launching” the market in early 2014 as we align to find a local Phoenix market leader. Joe Davey relocated from Seattle to Phoenix to lead our technology group in the region and is an integral part of helping make Phoenix a successful market for us.



Our London office will open its doors on June 2, 2014. Opening an office in another country is a huge undertaking that requires a tremendous amount of planning and effort. There is so much to do that we have a team of 10 people working on the various aspects of setting up the business. This includes representatives from Legal, Technology, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, and Operations.



While London is getting strong attention as our first international office, we are also actively researching and networking to make Toronto our second international office. Toronto is one of North America’s largest markets and if all the stars align, we hope to open our Slalom office there in the second half of 2014.