Design the consulting model of the future.

We have a unique local model that is backed by national teams. The breadth of services we offer and way we have implemented our national delivery centers and experts to work with our local teams is unprecedented.




Slalom’s backbone is – and always will be – our intimate, local model.  Working where we live enables stronger relationships with our clients, our communities, and each other.  The depth of relationships we build drive our culture and our business.  Slalom’s established and newer markets all grew in 2014 because of these relationships.  

Every market has its own personality while also feeling very much a part of the global Slalom family.  We believe this is because every employee is uniquely grounded in our common core values.

We have literally hundreds of stories about the incredible work our men and women are helping our clients and communities do.  Learn more about them by clicking on the images below.

*Numbers shown as of 12/31/2014


National Delivery Network

Made up of over 320 Slalom employees, 280 of whom are delivering for clients from the Delivery Centers, the National Delivery Network grew more than 30% in 2014.  This growth allowed the team to be leveraged by every local market and support projects for nearly 300 clients.  More importantly, every local market was able to support their clients’ most strategic projects with a combination of local expertise and remote project delivery using the National Delivery Network.

Our National Delivery Network expanded capabilities and resources in 2014 to support our growing local offices.  Both Delivery Center locations in Chicago and Seattle saw tremendous growth with increased demand coming from established and new local markets and their clients.

We are entering 2015 riding great momentum.  With the addition of Strategy and Operations, expansion of Delivery Leadership and User Experience practices and significant growth of Information Management and Analytics and Customer Engagement, 2015 will continue to elevate the type of strategic projects we are able to deliver and level of support we can provide.

We are seeing larger and longer term commitments from the marketplace and will open an additional Delivery Center on the East coast in the second quarter to compliment the Centers in Seattle and Chicago.  With expansion into international markets such as London and Toronto, Slalom’s Delivery Center model will support clients around the world from their local countries.


National Industry Teams

Our National Industry teams help to solve our clients’ most important problems by bringing an industry perspective and by connecting like-minded local resources across the company.

In 2014 we continued to grow our National Financial Services team, adding additional experts in Payments, Capital Markets, and Life.  We stood up our National Healthcare team, which is a combination of existing Slalom talent and new hires that were added to the team.  We also added the Digital Strategy capability and team who bring exciting new skills and experiences around all things digital that we can apply to all of our industry teams.


National Sales Organization

One of the key reasons for Slalom’s continued growth is our tremendous sales engine.  We employ a team-based approach where account leaders, practice leaders and our business development team work together to serve our clients.  Our customer-centric approach fosters long-term relationships by delivering unique solutions using a sales process that is consistent, smooth, and responsive.  

As we close in on being a billion dollar company, we have an opportunity to truly create a world-class sales organization.  The National Sales Organization is an intentional investment, led by a small team focused on helping our leaders and business development community grow even stronger.  We are building a rich, cross-market sales community that rivals any team in the industry.

In 2015, we’re enhancing our training and professional development capabilities for our leaders and business development team.  We’re working to drive best practices in process and tools.  We’re partnering with our Alliances team and marketing organization to facilitate additional impact for local markets.  We’re assisting the National Delivery team and cross-market communities in their sales pursuits.  We’re additionally working with local teams to support existing sales efforts, market campaigns, and new market acceleration.


Partners & Alliances

The Alliance team combines market-leading software solutions and Slalom’s consulting services to help our clients with some of their most complex business challenges.  In 2014 we saw tremendous returns leveraging our partner tools.  We saw our clients start to adopt newer and more strategic environments, reporting methods and large scale applications.  

Our partnerships for businesses create and give access to new products, extend the reach of new markets as each builds its business, surpass competitors and bring a new level of customer loyalty.  Last year we earned the new partner classification of Microsoft US Alliance.  We earned the highest partner category for Amazon Web Services (AWS) of Premier Partner.  We also expanded our status with Salesforce to US Gold competency.   

In 2014, we successfully completed technology projects with 64% of our clients.  We know our business can only be as strong and sustainable as the level of investment we put into education and certification.  We grew our certification portfolio across all of our partners highlighted with 358% growth in the number of certifications at Salesforce.   

Slalom now has 69 registered partners within our portfolio, each providing a unique opportunity to serve our clients.  We consistently marry our services with firms with common values, vision and mission.  We understand that partnerships are fundamental to our global growth and will provide more avenues to support our mutual clients.


National Products & Innovation

Launched in 2014, the National Products & Innovation practice was established to help clients rapidly and efficiently build innovative interactive engineered prototypes to validate business opportunities at a reduced initial investment. This approach has proven to deliver an exponential return across many Slalom business lines after the initial modeling phase is completed.

The team devoted the first half of 2014 to driving out this message to as many Slalom markets as possible. In the second half of 2014 the practice delivered key projects for our clients, which led to significant additional business for Slalom. We have strong momentum heading into 2015 with an increased emphasis on strategic Slalom market engagement.


Slalom Talent Acquisition

Slalom Talent Acquisition is a core component to our growth and is tasked with hiring the best. They are the tip of the spear into new markets and a foundational pillar of mature markets. They build relationships into the community so we can hire consultants and leaders who live our core values and purpose. We have the best job in the world, bringing together a team of people who are passionate self-starters that embolden, inspire, and help create work environments that are infectious, exciting, and exhilarating.  

Cross-Market Communities

In 2014, our Cross Market Communities evolved substantially.  Each is focused on developing assets and thought leadership while enabling better collaboration among each of our local teams.  We also added two new communities in 2014 to grow our business in Financial Services and Customer Engagement.

Application Development 2014 saw the Application Development community deepening their usage and evangelism of the Atlassian suite for improved development collaboration. We launched a new community site to capture and share our signature projects, deliverables and best-in-class project artifacts. With help from our National teams, our 2015 plan includes building upon that foundation through the development of technology guidance, reference architectures and solution offerings that drive reusability and consistency across our market teams and their client solutions.
Customer Engagement 2014 was the launch year for our Customer Engagement community. We had a fantastic summit to define what Customer Engagement means by market and to share our best work. We now have 125+ people in our active community and consistent engagement on our monthly board and all-community calls. In 2015, we’ll see further advances in creating true products from our offerings and the continued evolution of how we work together effectively.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Our focus in 2014 was on collaboration and access to the right information. We completely rethought how we will collaborate this year and beyond, and built a new community site as the place to go to get the best of the best across the markets. In 2015, we’re implementing a quarterly content curation process to ensure that we’re harvesting and publishing the best templates, deliverables, and work samples. This will allow more powerful and productive searches for content. We are additionally invested in integration between SharePoint and our Talent Management system to allow a more detailed search of consultant skills and experience.
Delivery Leadership

The Delivery Leadership community exists to inspire and enable the sharing of sales opportunities and challenges amongst the Practice Leaders from every market. Last year our efforts included a new collaboration portal and the harvesting of 25+ ‘best of’ collateral items across sales, delivery and marketing. Our 2015 plan is framed around 5 key initiatives: career path development, engaging marketing material, unique and packaged offerings, accessible sales collateral, and growth in shared ‘best of’ content on the collaboration portal.

Financial Services The Financial Services community launched in late 2014 adding an important lever to provide a more scalable content distribution outlet for activities and knowledge of the National Financial Services team. In 2015 the community will enable a self-service vehicle for Local Market resources to quickly search and locate the right information they need (client success stories, “hot topic” POVs, educational materials) aimed at accelerating and amplifying Slalom’s growing traction at Financial Services clients in all of our markets.

The Healthcare Community has rallied around three major objectives: consultant education of key industry trends and client business drivers, networking across our local offices to leverage successes and subject matter expertise, and sharing our thought leadership in perspectives, offerings and solutions, and speaking engagements at industry conferences. In the past year we have gained participation in 15 of our markets, presented at 3 national conferences, and had active involvement at a local industry level in 6 of our markets. As we look to 2015, we see great opportunities of leveraging our National Practice’s offerings and continuing to develop the career paths of our locally based consultants.

Information Management & Analytics (IM&A) IM&A made major contributions to Thought Leadership in 2014: platinum sponsorship and a speaking engagement at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, more than 50 blog posts to, multiple visualization contest wins for Tableau and Qlikview, dozens of speaking engagements and published whitepapers, and the launch of the Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence. This talented group published three articles highlighting our Slalom Point of View (POV) on Text Analytics, the Internet of Things, and Customer Analytics. We have additionally grown our Tableau community to 137 members, and an incredible 3 of 20 global Tableau Zen Masters are now Slalom employees.
Organizational Effectiveness
The OE community had a number of accomplishments in 2014. We launched the OE Editorial Board and published 12 new articles on We released the new OE National portal including active content curation. We developed a new offering focused on 14 ‘spotlight’ projects where sales materials, deliverables, and credentials are available to all OE community members. We additionally supported the startup of 3 new OE practices in various stages of development in New York, Houston, and very recently London.
Portals & Collaboration In 2014, we drove learning and innovation through gamification and competitive challenges across three different areas: additional harvesting of intellectual property, development of project stories along with a curated repository, and improved communications to the community through additional channels and a regular cadence. This year the community will concentrate on commoditizing repeatable solutions and investing in additional technology platforms, with a heavy emphasis on Sitecore.
Retail 2014 included a re-launch of the National Retail Community with a commitment to having a diverse and active community in which people can connect to share stories and knowledge of the retail industry. In 2015, our community goals include developing a knowledge hub to share our stories, highlighting the many capabilities being built by local markets, and sharing educational/training opportunities in retail with the community.
User Experience (UX) In 2014, the UX Community drove two key initiatives. First was the successful completion of an internal realignment exercise in each market to infuse UX into more strategic client conversations. This has resulted in some markets rebranding their teams as Experience Strategy and Design (XSD). The second initiative focused on identifying and beginning to implement best practices surrounding practice operations, particularly those related to growth and development of XSD consultants across the world.