Cross Market Communities

Cross-Market Communities

2013 was a year in which Slalom Consulting solidified the development of nine “cross-market” national communities focused on some of our most critical competencies and industries.

Each community comprises of a group of Slalom employees who represent the markets in a particular area of expertise. The nine communities were selected based on Slalom core competencies and also industries where we’ve gained a lot of momentum over the past several years.

The communities were established to:

  • Better enable collaboration across all our markets as our geographical footprint expands;
  • Enable centralized “one-stop shopping” for our best and most impactful sales and delivery materials;
  • Develop assets and intellectual property using our most talented team members from across the company;
  • Foster relationships across markets that will improve sharing of our best innovation concepts;
  • Truly leverage the full power of our local and national capabilities, bringing the best ideas and highest-quality delivery to our clients; and
  • Provide a platform for our employees to learn about what’s happening in other markets.

Launching these communities has begun to transform how we support each other across markets and how we enable our community members in general. There has been a major shift in our sense of One Team and how we support each other with projects, opportunity pursuits and asset development.

Cross-Market Community Interesting Outcome in 2013
Application Development Worked in tandem with Slalom’s National Delivery teams to develop, evangelize and publicize our National Agile Delivery Methodology into the local markets, enabling a consistent methodology for Agile-based projects across all Slalom markets.
Customer Relationship Management Developed and published a standard methodology for delivering projects (sales through project closure) that includes productivity tools and templates (e.g., Project Profile Repository, Sales Collateral, etc.). This methodology (CRM Artifacts Library or CAL) will greatly improve the quality and consistency of our delivery of CRM projects.
Delivery Leadership

Developed two assessment diagnostic tools, completed a proof-of-concept portfolio management tool, and developed and led a national training seminar for consultants interested in PMP certification preparation.

Supported multiple markets in delivering DL-based solutions for clients.

Healthcare Extensive sharing of knowledge, thought leadership, and experiences by our employees with a passion for the healthcare industry resulted in the development of perspectives on patient engagement and business performance improvement. These perspectives have been leveraged across multiple Slalom markets that have a concentration of healthcare industry clients.
Information Management & Analytics

Launched a blogging initiative in early 2013 to increase national awareness of IM&A capabilities and improve our marketing of IM&A to our target clients.

  • 23 total blogs authored by 14 unique Slalom employees were published to the blog website on with over 15 still in queue.
  • Enabled 15,000 unique visitors to get educated on a variety of topics including Advanced Analytics, Mobile Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Master Data Management, and Vendor Specific Offerings (Microsoft, Tableau, QlikTech)
Organizational Effectiveness Launched a progressive point of view on “Lean Learning” that starts with the premise that requiring less learning helps people perform better. It’s a holistic approach that delivers the right knowledge at the point of need in the way a learner needs it, based on individual knowledge level. Development of this point of view was a tremendous cross-market collaboration effort that is having significant impact with our clients in almost every market.
Retail Enabled cross-market sharing of key trends in the retail industry and within Slalom. Developed new retail industry whitepapers using input from multiple market leaders for use in marketing efforts, and also provided cross-market support on key client work that required deep retail expertise.
Portals & Collaboration Conducted regular solution summits to promote collaboration among one of Slalom’s largest technology services areas and in addition launched initiatives in Knowledge Management, Common Frameworks, Communications and Onboarding, and Gamification. Developed a robust SharePoint 2013 Playbook on Architecture and Migration, onboarding and delivery readiness resources by the Communications team, and two highly successful challenges campaigns run by the Gamification and KM teams focused on skill mastery and project deliverables respectively.
User Experience UX teams learned Requirements Visualization from experts across the nation, which led to increased skills and offering of the Requirements Visualization capability in the market. The collaboration and knowledge sharing bolstered growth, camaraderie and overall unity of the entire community